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Greetings and welcome to ALANGREGERMAN.COM — a place to connect, share and discover new ideas, and find out how to work with Alan. Here you will find his blog and a variety of other resources all designed to help you and your organization to learn, innovate, grow, and reach your full potential.

“I believe that we all have the ability to be way more creative, innovative, and successful than we ever imagined by having a better understanding of ourselves, the world around us, and how brilliance actually occurs.”

A note about Alan:

Alan Gregerman is a highly-respected and award-winning author, business consultant, teacher, keynote speaker, community volunteer, and all-around nice guy who has been called “one of the most original thinkers in business today” and “the Robin Williams of business consulting.” His work, research, and writing focus on helping companies and organizations to unlock the genius in all of their people in order to innovate, grow, and deliver the most compelling value to their customers.

Alan’s Books

Alan’s three books —The Necessity of Strangers, —Surrounded by Geniuses, and —Lessons from the Sandbox challenge our thinking about people, the world around us, where brilliant ideas actually come from, and how to reach our full potential as individuals, leaders, and organizations.

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20% For Good

At VENTURE WORKS we are committed to giving back to the places we work in. And while we don’t donate shoes or eyeglasses to people in need, though we think that is awesome, we do donate 20% of our products—i.e., our time and know-how—to small and innovative nonprofits working to make our communities better for everyone.


We have four areas of focus:

  • Education and creating opportunities for at-risk young people
  • Enabling people with differing abilities to reach their full potential
  • Ending homelessness
  • Protecting and restoring the environment

The “process” is simple…

If you think that any of our skills might be helpful in supporting your efforts to make an even bigger difference in the work you do, send us a note that tells us something about your organization, what you are hoping to accomplish, your timeframe, and how you think we can help. If it seems like a good fit, we’ll get back to you quickly to learn more and figure out the next step.

And while we love handwritten notes, the most efficient way is probably to send us a quick email at the following address: innovate@venture-works.com

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