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Looking for a great keynote presentation, seminar, or a customized training program to bring out the genius in your organization and all of its people? If so, we can help… In fact, we have designed a wonderful set of speeches, seminars, and decidedly “hands-on” experiential learning programs that will inspire and challenge everyone in your organization.

Speaking Topics


The Necessity of Strangers:

The Intriguing Truth About Insight, Innovation, and Success

All of us have been taught to believe that friends are the real keys to our success. But what if friends are overrated and strangers are even more vital to learning, innovation, collaboration, and business and personal growth? In this inspiring and thought-provoking program—based on the award-winning book The Necessity of Strangers—I’ll show you how to create remarkable breakthroughs in the things that matter most by tapping a world filled with remarkable strangers, ideas, and perspectives. In the process, you’ll even learn to rethink the way you engage and collaborate with all of the remarkable strangers inside your own organization.

Reimagining People and Talent:

Powerful New Insights for Finding, Keeping, and Inspiring Remarkable Employees

Every organization says that people are its most important asset. But if this is really the case, why do so many companies and organizations do such a bad job of engaging, inspiring, and unlocking the genius in all of their people? In this fun, energizing, and practical program I’ll help you to discover how to create a workplace that captures the hearts, minds, and dreams of everyone and in the process achieves amazing results.

Delivering Innovation:

Your Secret Weapon in Achieving Greater Sales and Marketing Success

In today’s sales environment, it is harder than ever to win new business and keep existing customers. Armed with a wealth of information and a changing landscape of offerings and business models, buyers have way greater expectations about how salespeople and the companies they represent will meet their needs. And while the best traditional sales programs are useful in helping professionals to improve their ability to prospect, network, and build relationships, they miss the most important ingredient—bringing new ideas and possibilities to customers and prospects so they can create greater value. In this fast-paced, practical, and energizing program, join Alan Gregerman—world-renowned speaker, author, consultant, and authority on innovation—as he shows you how to unlock your own creative abilities in order to empower your customers and prospects to reimagine their own potential and success. In the process, you will learn to take a fresh look at what matters most to customers, how to ask questions that really matter, and how to co-create brilliant solutions that will enable you and your company to stand out from the pack.

Surrounded by Geniuses:

Unlocking the Brilliance in Yourself, Your Business, and the World Around You

In today’s fast-changing business environment, innovation is more important than ever. Yet most companies and organizations lack a clear understanding of how to nurture the right new ideas and how to unlock the real genius in all of their people and a world around them filled with limitless possibilities. In this fun-filled and fast-paced journey around the planet, I’ll challenge you to think in new ways about your own potential, the very nature of ideas, and what really matters and provide a set of tools for building a company or organization that consistently creates and delivers real value.

Building Awesome Customer Relationships

It’s not enough to have great products, services, or solutions. The world’s best companies also build more valuable and more remarkable relationships with their current and future customers. In this thoughtful, engaging, and hands-on program I’ll share seven keys to creating the most compelling connections with customers and strangers and building bigger, stronger, and more inspiring personal and professional networks. And I’ll share the latest insights on how to make those you have the privilege to serve smarter, more successful, and more loyal.


Many thanks for another remarkable presentation and program. Your ideas and energy continually challenge us to be the best company we can possibly be.

Alan Gregerman is a great speaker who not only kept an afternoon audience engaged for ninety minutes but also kept them wanting to hear and learn more. His session was the perfect combination of fun, great content, and audience involvement, packed with extremely valuable takeaways. Participants told us that he was simply amazing!

Sincere thanks for a rousing presentation! The feedback was excellent and everyone was so appreciative of the new ideas, your energy, and the innovative approach to HR you shared.

If being more compelling and innovative in your career or business matters to you, Alan Gregerman will reset your thinking.

All of us learned so much from you. To say you were inspiring would be a complete understatement.

Alan Gregerman is an amazing storyteller who is always weaving together a fabric for innovation. Focusing first on defining the problem at hand, then providing a tool kit to guide learning from strangers or from the geniuses that surround us, he invites us to constantly consider new perspectives. Alan is a thought-provoking speaker, whose simplicity is compelling, innovation is impactful, and desire to learn is contagious.

Alan Gregerman kicked off our conference and engaged the audience of business owners immediately with his humor, props, and real-life stories of how connecting with strangers can bring new perspectives and greater success to our businesses. The buzz about his presentation continued throughout the entire conference as everyone talked about how we intend to put his powerful ideas into practice and connect with more strangers!

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