Greetings. I am delighted to let everyone know that my new book “The Necessity of Strangers” is now available at, Barnes and Noble, the iTunes store, or any place else where thoughtful books are sold. The book is all about a very simple, powerful, and counterintuitive idea…that strangers are more important than we ever realized and that connecting with, and learning from, people who are very different than us is the real key to greater personal and business success. And “The Necessity of Strangers” is guaranteed to provide clear, inspiring, and practical guidance on how to find the right strangers and how to get the most out of your career, business, or anything else worth doing.

I would be delighted and honored if you purchased a copy, read every single word, and then let me know what you liked most about the book and what I could do to make the next edition even better. I’d even be delighted and honored if you read almost every word and shared some of your thoughts. Then, if you found the book to be valuable, it would be totally awesome if you could tell all of your closest friends, Facebook friends, relatives (especially the ones you are on good terms with), neighbors, the other parents on your kids’ teams, work colleagues, LinkedIn contacts, Twitter followers, and even total and partial strangers. After all, in this day and age, you are the most important ingredient in the success of any book.

And in the days ahead I will be offering some really cool prizes to everyone who is willing to read the book enthusiastically in an area of high visibility!

But for now, I simply wanted to let you know that you can purchase and hopefully enjoy “The Necessity of Strangers” as a physical book, an electronic book, and soon as an audio book from your favorite brick and mortar or online bookseller. And here is a quick link to the book’s page on where you can find lots of additional information including testimonials and answers to some of your most pressing questions about the book and strangers…

Better than “War and Peace”? You decide.

Better than a yard full of tennis balls. Absolutely!

Vincent Necessity No. 2

Giant thanks in advance and please don’t hesitate to share this blog post with everyone you know.