Greetings. I’m excited to announce that “The NECESSITY of STRANGERS,” my new book about the importance of connecting with, learning from, and collaborating with people who are different than us is working its way to publication on September 15th. Here’s a cool two-dimensional, 3D version of the cover (not exactly sure how that works) to hopefully inspire you to pre-order the book at your favorite brick-and-mortar store or online retailer. And as added motivation, depending on my schedule, I’d be delighted to come to your office or home to personally thank you for buying the book, autograph your copy with a kind and respectful message as soon as it arrives, welcome the book into your life, and sing a medley of your favorite Motown songs. All at no additional cost!

the necessity of strangers 3D

Sincere thanks for continuing to follow my blog and please know that every time you mention the title of the new book (“The NECESSITY of STRANGERS“) to friends, colleagues, neighbors, clergy, politicians, and total or partial strangers, the entire team here at VENTURE WORKS Inc. will be singing your praises!