Greetings.  Today, in cities and towns across the U.S., people are pausing to give thanks to all of our veterans and their families for their service and keeping us safe.

It's easy sometimes, in the press of our daily work and personal lives, to forget all of the men and women who put themselves in harm's way to defend the rights and values we hold dear.  And it is not only our obligation to appreciate the sacrifices they make, but to welcome them home with respect, kindness, and opportunities to transition successfully to the next stage of their lives and careers.  One of the great tragedies as we wind down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is the number of our soldiers who are unable to find meaningful work when they return.  

It's a huge problem for them and their families, and a huge loss to all of us that we cannot find a way to capitalize on their knowledge, dedication, and genius.  And a real challenge to the private sector to figure out how to find a place for them.

So this year, as you think about the skills your company or organization needs and the jobs you have to fill, try to think about our veterans and how they might make a real difference for you and the folks you serve.