Greetings.  It's Monday here in Washington and most of us along the east coast of the U.S. have spent the past weekend preparing for the major storm that began as Hurricane Sandy.  It is a storm that has already caused significant damage in the Caribbean and on the southeast coast and now, as it combines with two other major storm systems, threatens to produce even more damage in the next few days.  And it seems to have the leading meteorologists in a state of wonder and shock–calling it the "Perfect Storm," "Frankenstorm" and possibly the "Worst Case Storm Scenario."  Definitely not an exciting prospect for the more than 50 million people in its path.

So while we are continuing to work here at the office until the winds become more severe and we likely lose power, we're not in our usual innovative thinking mood. Though we would be open to sharing any of your best and most creative ideas for ways to stay safe and productive during a major storm as well as ways to be helpful to any friends, family, neighbors and strangers in need.  

And like everyone else, we will hope for the best for everyone in the storm's path.

Then, when everything does return to "normal," we'll be back with some new and encouraging ideas about driving innovation, technology, leadership and leading change, and delivering more compelling for those we have the privilege to serve.

In the meantime, if you happen to be here in the Northeast–or anywhere else, take care and be safe.  This is one of the few times when it doesn't seem to make sense to take any great risks…even if you are innovative and a risk-taker by nature.  

I must admit that it seems odd to suggest this in a blog about innovation, because I spend so much time suggesting that we can only win in most businesses by taking thoughtful chances.  By standing out from the crowd.  But today and this week it is obviously different.