Greetings.  It's the start of a new week and a great time to think about all of the genius that resides in your company or organization.  Because if you're like most enterprises, you're probably only tapping a small share of the ideas, insights and possibilities that your people bring to work each day.  

And all it would take to unlock even more genius is a clear strategy, just the right encouragement and support and a belief in the potential of all of your employees.

It also might help to spend a few moments thinking about the nature and diversity of genius, and the real power of inquisitive people across all parts of your company to see new and important opportunities.  And a good place to stir your thinking is the latest issue of Popular Science and its article on ten young researchers who are working on breakthrough ideas in a wide range of disciplines.  Their projects include teaching computers to recognize people, improving our understanding of blood clotting, making miniature solar cells, creating robots that can learn from humans and making semiconductors out of bacteria.  As you read their stories, think about all the people in your organization who, through their knowledge of your customers and your capabilities–as well as their willingness to look beyond your walls, could break new ground in delivering greater value.

Popular Science

We win in business and in life when we think in new ways.  And when we find inspiration in the genius of our own people and others.