Greetings.  One of our son Noah's favorite phrases is "Go big or go home!"  It's a notion that is quite popular on the local playgrounds where Noah and his friends try to hone their basketball and soccer skills.  But it's also a phrase that applies quite well to the rest of our personal and social lives, and to the work of our companies and organizations.

In Noah's mind, "Go big or go home!" means trying your hardest and doing your best.  Or has he likes to say:  "If you can't give your all then why should you even show up?"

Push yourself.

Be bold. 

Try something new and daring. 

Test your limits. 

Leave your mark.

From a business perspective,"Go big or go home!" is also a very powerful call to action.  A challenge to make sure we are bringing our very best to every customer, employee and partner.  That we are bringing our best to the products, services and solutions we offer.  That we are bringing our best in designing and delivering the most valuable and compelling customer experiences.  That we are bringing our best to make sure that all of our employees are engaged and given the resources and support to think in new and big ways.  That we are bringing our best to every partnership worth having by leveraging each of our strengths in unique ways.  That we are consistently focused on unlocking the real genius in ourselves, our organizations and the world around us in order to be more remarkable.

Because if we don't someone else will.

So what is your big move?  And when will we get to see it?


We win in business and in life when we are determined to "GO BIG!"  We can always go home once our important work is done.