Greetings.  I've finally decided to GWTP (get with the program).  After all, I am keenly aware that YOLO (you only live once) and while I prefer meeting friends, colleagues and customers F2F (face to face) I realize that texting is the way of the present and maybe even the future.  And besides, I have been noticing that our kids are LOL-ing (laughing out loud) whenever I try to demonstrate my growing–but highly limited–competency using a cell phone or mobile device.  Yes, MIRL-ing (meeting in real life) seems to be taking a backseat to quick little messages sent instantly around the globe, down the hall or even across the room.  And while I don't agree that this development is AISB (as it should be), I definitely don't want to alienate myself from a new generation of communicators.  So I'm determined to RTSM (read the stupid manual) in order to learn the essential rules, nuances and acronyms required to compete in our 140 character or less world.

So WML (wish me luck).  And I thought learning Swedish was difficult.  Because if I can't achieve some basic level of fluency, I've be UACWAP (up a creek without a paddle) and the entire effort will be a big WOMBAT (waste of money, brains and time).

And HAGW (have a great weekend) or at least HAGO (have a good one)…and I'll BRB (be right back) next week with some new perspectives on innovation, unlocking genius, delivering compelling value and GMMA (getting my message across).


We win in business and in life when we figure out how to communicate effectively with everyone.  Even when that means using only acronyms.


(Cheers for now!)