Greetings.  Innovation often means putting things together that don't belong.  Or don't seem to belong.  Like creating an adhesive that doesn't stick very well (Post-It Notes) or teaching cars to think like fish in order to avoid collisions (Nissan).

But in the aftermath of the national state of sadness that has occurred as Hostess filed for bankruptcy protection, some people–clearly unable to contain their grief–are going slightly over the edge in thinking about how to save the company and its remarkable products.  Which begs the question:  "Is this real innovation, insanity or an idea likely to turn hunters into vegetarians?"

We'll let our readers decide on the amazing combination of Twinkies and hot dogs –know simply as the "Twinkie Wiener Sandwich"…you can CLICK HERE to get all of the cream-filled details on this possible taste sensation.  Though it turns out this isn't a totally new idea–as evidenced by this savory mock ad from a few years ago…


We often win in business and in life when we put things together that don't seem to belong.

Cheers and have a delicious and creative start to the week!