Greetings.  We all know that metrics matter when it comes to business success. In fact, metrics are essential to making strategy meaningful, and vital to operations, customer service, sales and innovation.  But we have to make sure to choose the right ones and then use them to monitor our progress and guide our actions in doing the things that matter most.  

We also know that some companies and organizations provide data and metrics to help us make more informed decisions about the products, services and solutions they offer.  Decisions that are in our best interests.  These businesses realize that making customers smarter is an valuable discriminator.

But there are also companies and organizations that play a bit fast and loose with their use of metrics.  Even some of the world's leading enterprises.  Which makes the following ad for Head & Shoulders shampoo, a product of Procter & Gamble, both amusing and a bit sad…

Head and shoulders

Which seems to suggest that there are other shampoos that make your hair no thicker-looking than hair that has not been washed in a week.  Sounds like a remarkable metric…and a scientific (and marketing) miracle!

We win in business and life when we use numbers to empower those we have the privilege to serve.  And when we make their hair as clean and healthy as possible.