Greetings. It seems as though every place in Italy has its own museum.  Big cities have dozens of museums of all shapes and sizes.  And practically every small town clinging to a mountain top in Tuscany and Umbria has it own unique collection of stuff that someone thinks really matters.  And why not?   There's quite a lot of art, history and culture to display here dating back to our friends the Etruscans.  And, there are also a lot of important old and new ideas to share.

So let's imagine that you and some of the other geniuses you work with were given the not so simple task of assembling a museum for your company or organization. What would you put in it?   What would you share about the art of what you do, the history of what has made you great (or at least meaningful to those you serve), and the culture that drives your work and everything you do?  

And, what ideas would you offer visitors about your hopes and dreams for the future?

It's a fun, challenging and helpful exercise that gets to the heart of what in takes for any business or organization to succeed.  And to be more than simply a set of artifacts collecting dust!

Venice museum

We win in business and in life when we put our best on display.  And when we leverage it to deliver the most compelling value for those we have the privilege to serve.