Greetings.  Looking for a fun summer movie that might also spark your sense of curiosity and innovation?  If so, you might really enjoy Woody Allen's newest film "Midnight in Paris."  It's a delightful journey to the Paris of today and yesterday and, while I don't want to give away the story line, it does resonate with the theme of this blog and my books.  Because one of the real keys to our success is the ability to cast a wide net in search of ideas and inspiration.  And sometimes those ideas and inspirations come from remarkable thinkers, artists, and innovators in other disciplines and from other periods of history.  People whose unique insights and perspectives are still compelling and cutting edge today.

So grab your colleagues and a few boxes of popcorn…and I'll leave the rest to your shared sense of curiosity, imagination, and wonder!

And here's the trailer which, while it does not really do justice to the movie and the big idea that I'd like you to think about, should at least get you in the mood to take a corporate "field trip" to a theater near you…


We win in business and in life when look for ideas around the corner, around the world, and even back in time.  And when we see a trip to the movies as a great way to energize ourselves and our organizations.