Greetings.  Today is "World Population Day"–a day created by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme to "focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues."  It's a critical topic for all of us now that the earth has seven billion inhabitants.  And it will require our best thinking if we are to figure out how to provide enough healthy food, shelter, healthcare and health, education, energy and opportunity for everyone.  And if we are to make real progress in unlocking the genius and potential of everyone on the planet.  Clearly, we will need to be more innovative in addressing both sides of this challenge–the need to control our population and the need to view everyone as a valued asset.

We often think that population is primarily an issue for developing countries.  But it is a problem and an opportunity for all of us as the world keeps getting smaller and smaller.  I was reminded today of just how small the world is when I received a very kind email from Parvez Babul, a journalist in Bangladesh.  He had received a copy of Surrounded by Geniuses from a colleague who had attended one of my recent speeches in Washington and was prompted to write and article about the genius in everyone.  Genius that is critical to the future of his country and the rest of the world.  You can read his thoughtful story by CLICKING HERE.  

When I wrote Surrounded by Geniuses I never quite imagined a world filled with 7,000,000,000 potential geniuses.  But it is an encouraging way to look at things.


We win in business and in life when we view people as assets instead of problems.  And when we enable their genius to solve difficult problems and create powerful new opportunities.