Greetings.  Thursday's post generated a lot of interest, with subscribers sharing their thoughts on things that were left out of the list of "gadgets that changed the world."  Here are some of my favorites from all of your emails:

  • velcro;
  • the bungee cord;
  • the frisbee;
  • the thermometer
  • the thermos;
  • the lunch box;
  • the Swiss Army knife;
  • the amazing Popeil "Pocket Fisherman";
  • the corkscrew;
  • the invisible fence;
  • earphones;
  • Post-It notes;
  • insect-repellant clothing;
  • the compressed gas duster;
  • the folding chair;
  • the smoke detector;
  • EZ pass;
  • the scale;
  • electric hand dryers;
  • the portable camping towel;
  • inflatable furniture;
  • the portable cooler (six-pack size);
  • the at-home quesadilla maker;
  • the nose-hair trimmer;

And last but not least, the "Super Bass-o-matic '76"–made 'famous' by Dan Aykroyd in the following skit from an old episode of Saturday Night Live…


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Cheers and have a great and inventive start to the week ahead!