Greetings.  I recently heard the following quote–attributed to a Cherokee Chief: 

"The success of a rain dance depends a lot on timing."

And it started me thinking about the importance of timing in everything we do in business.  The importance of being first to market with an important new product, service, or solution.  The importance of responding quickly to a customer's request for information and insight.  The importance of creating and/or leveraging a new technology before our competitors.  The importance of being first to submit a solid proposal to a customer with a compelling need.  The importance of knowing when the timing is right to connect with a prospect.  The importance of communicating at the right times when a crucial message needs to be delivered and understood.    

In fact, timing is essential to the success of just about anything worth doing.  But all too often we forget to take the time to think about the best timing–allowing a compelling need to get something done, or a perceived lack of time, to disrupt our best intentions.  So this week, as you wrestle with all the things that matter most, take the time to figure out their most perfect timing.  A timing likely to achieve the very best results possible.  Because there is a best time for everything. Even those things for which "there is never a good time."


We win in business and in life when we try to figure out the best time to dance.  And when we realize that some dances are done for the simple joy of dancing while others are meant to change the weather.