Greetings.  Many thanks to all of you who participated in my recent webinar on innovation sponsored by the Verizon Small Business Center.  If you couldn't make the session but would like to listen at a more convenient time, simply click HERE and you'll be directed to an archive broadcast.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, April 27th) at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time I'll be presenting a second webinar titled "Customer Service: Winning in Your Market by Creating the Most Compelling Customer Experience."  In this session we'll travel the world in search of brilliant ideas and insights that companies in any industry can use to transform the way they engage customers.  In the process, we'll also talk about the critical moments in the life of a customer and provide guidance on how to build and maintain the strongest possible customer relationships.  All in an hour.  This session is also part of Verizon's efforts to provide practical guidance to small and medium-sized businesses on topics that will help them to grow and prosper, and I look forward to the opportunity to participate and share some of my latest ideas.  

If you're available and interested in this free program, you can click on the photo below to register.  And if you're not able to attend live, it will also be archived on the same website and available to listen to over a glass of your favorite beverage–whether it's a fine red wine, a delicious seasonal beer, a smooth and aged single malt scotch, a quadruple mocha latte with skim milk, a cleansing green tea, an energizing fortified water, or even a Red Bull or Mountain Dew.