Greetings.  While most business leaders agree that innovation is the lifeblood of companies and organizations, there are differences of opinion about the best way to make it happen.  Should it be directed from the top down?  Or nurtured from the bottom up?  Can it be enhanced by a new generation of web-based tools for coming up with ideas, sharing knowledge, and collaborating?  Are outside experts a vital part of any successful effort?  In their article in the latest issue of the MIT Sloan Management Review titled "The 5 Myths of Innovation," Julian Birkinshaw, Cyril Bouquet and Jean-Louis Barsoux attempt to shed some new light on these questions and the very nature of successful corporate innovation.

While no one size or approach fits every company, their analysis could be helpful as you and your colleagues wrestle with the challenges of innovating consistently and turning your most creative ideas into real business and customer value.


We win in business and in life when we find a way to drive meaningful innovation that works for us.  And when we understand the imperative of bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to those we have the privilege to serve.