Greetings.  Looking for a very easy way to spark fresh thinking about a pressing problem or a new business opportunity?  If so, you might want to take a moment to stand your challenge on its head or at least on its side.  And to get you warmed up, try this…

Think of all the unique uses you can for a common product, service, or solution–like the portable bathroom (a.k.a. "porta potty") I spotted on a recent drive home from the YMCA.  When it's standing up in the appropriate place (i.e., a construction site or the grounds of an outdoor event) it's pretty hard to get beyond our simple notions.  But when we change it's setting and position, we are suddenly free to unlock our genius and imagine a world of possibilities.  How about using it as an equipment shed for the local street hockey team?  Or a fort or a clubhouse for kids and their pets?  Or a place to do homework in a storm?  Or the headquarters for a community gardening club?  Or a stage for ad hoc theatrical presentations? Or a great place to play chess?  Or a lemonade stand with an unusual story?  Or anything else we might imagine.

Now look at your challenge with fresh eyes and a different perspective. It's a very simple way to unlock greater genius and innovation.

Out House
We win in business and in life when we look at things from a different angle, and in doing so see a world of new possibilities.  Ready to turn your best thinking on its side?  It might be the fastest and smartest move you make.

Cheers and have a creative weekend ahead!