Greetings.  I was an hour and fifteen minutes into the preparation of my "Easy 20-Minute" recipe when a thought occurred to me.  Either I was the slowest chef on the planet or it wasn't really a 20-minute recipe.  In either event, the idea of preparing a gourmet dinner in such a short amount of time was intriguing.  The very notion that some culinary genius had taken all of the guesswork (and time) out of creating a simple yet sophisticated dinner masterpiece.  Sure I longed to be an innovative and daring chef in my own right.  But tonight I was oversubscribed and looking for a nearly instant "Wow!"  And since it rarely takes longer than ten minutes for most family members to snarf down whatever I cook, why spend hours preparing? 

When it was finally done, my Saffron Fish Stew With White Beans–courtesy of Cooking Light magazine–was a fantastic success…with praise following almost every spoonful.  A delicious blend of flavors and textures with a nod to the exotic cuisines of the Middle East.  And, a wonderful combination of their knowledge and my love of following and tweaking a great recipe.  Fine dining made highly accessible even if it took a bit longer than promised.

Fish Stew 

We win in business and in life by making it as easy as possible for others to do remarkable things.  What's your recipe for success?  And, how effective are your products, services, and solutions at making your customers skilled and inspired chefs?  

Cheers and bon appetite!

P.S.  If you'd like the fish stew recipe click here.