Greetings.  The weekend is almost here and with it another chance to explore the world around you for insight, inspiration, and the real keys to business success.  If you haven't made plans already, think about attending a dance performance.  Any type of dance will do, as long as it's a group that has worked hard to master their craft.  It could be ballet, modern dance, clogging, step dancing, tapping, or even "River Dancing" if this now famous show is close by.  Then go with your eyes and senses wide open to the beauty of their art and their remarkable demonstration of teamwork.  You see, dancers can't let each other down.  It's part of the reason why they spend so much time practicing.  Because everyone on stage is essential to the success of the performance.  They rely on each other to create something much bigger and better than the sum of their individual movements.  In fact, every one behind the stage, in the pit–assuming there's live music, or back in the office is equally essential to creating a remarkable experience.

Then think about your team back at work, and what it would take to perform like a top-notch dance troupe in meeting the needs of your customers.  Better still, why not find another time to take your team to a dance performance.  And follow up by committing to figure out how to translate their genius into your practice. 

Mark Morris
We succeed as organizations when we work and practice together in order to create magic for those we serve.  The magic of not letting each other down on the way to unlocking our real potential.    

Cheers, have a great weekend, and remind me to someday tell the story of my day at the Dead Sea with the Mark Morris Dancers (pictured above)!