Greetings.  In the middle of many family trips, it's not uncommon for a parent to ask:  "Is everybody happy?"  It's a simple metric and a timely way to gauge the relative success of the journey.  And we always hope to hear a resounding "YES!"  A whole-hearted endorsement of all the time and expense that went into planning and implementing the vacation.  Not that we should expect it, given the reality that we've brought along our favorite teenagers and pre-teens.  But what the heck, isn't it better to hear the gory truth along the way while there's still time to make minor or even major adjustments?  

And, since this is essentially a business blog based on the simple notion that we can learn from all aspects of the world around us…

Could it be that the "Happy Camper" measure is equally important to businesses and organizations of all kinds?

Absolutely.  Because there is a clear correlation between employee engagement, happiness, innovation, and business success.  Happy Campers–people who find challenge and meaning in their work, and are also given a chance to incorporate purposeful fun into their often frustrating work lives–are far more likely to stretch their thinking and effort to ensure that we deliver the most compelling value to the customers we serve.

Enter Alexander Kjerulf, a Danish author and consultant who helps companies to have fun.  Holding the title of Chief Happiness Officer, he believes that there is an essential connection between having fun and being successful in business.  And here he is, having a bit too much fun on his way to work…


To learn more about the power of fun in the workplace, check out his blog and his book, Happy Hour is 9 to 5, then commit to figuring out how to make "happiness" an essential part of your business equation.

We win in business and in life by striking a balance, and by using the magic of a smile to unlock our innate curiosity and genius.  Don't care if everybody's happy at work?  Maybe you should.