Greetings.  I'm always looking for companies and organizations that truly stand behind the products, services, and solutions they offer.  Folks who have done their homework up front and know how to make and deliver something that lasts.  Sure it takes extra effort to get it right, but it's a great way to get people to buy your stuff even when the price is a bit higher than the competition.  And if something is also "drop dead gorgeous" (check the picture below), as the proud employees of Saris Cycling Group boast about the Bones 3 bicycle rack, that's even better.  So when a close friend suggested this product to meet my bike "schlepping" needs the choice was easy.  

And here's their guarantee…

When we say "Bringing the power of cycling to life," we mean it.  Talk's cheap.  That's why you'll see lifetime warranties on our Saris racks.  Not three years, not five, but for as long as the original buyer owns it.  We believe that cycling is a lifetime sport so why settle for anything less from the equipment that helps you enjoy it.

Saris Use This

We win in business by guaranteeing to meet the real needs of those we serve.  As 2010 approaches, it might be the perfect time to think about the value that you and your colleagues really deliver.  It turns out that standing behind your products, services, or solutions might be an act of simple genius.