Greetings.  There are plenty of business books about teamwork, leadership, and dealing with change.  And many of them are very good.  But a great way to unlock our individual and collective genius is to find ideas and insight from very different people, places, and walks of life.  And in the process to realize the unique bonds that make us all human.  That's why I love books like Outcasts United: A Refugee Team, an American Town by Warren St. John.  It's a remarkable story of a youth soccer team–made up of refugees from war-torn countries–that comes together in a small and declining American town under the leadership of an equally remarkable Jordanian woman.  But it's also a compelling story about what it means to work together, build community, understand and appreciate differences, and learn to adapt and change.  It's definitely worth your time, and might be a powerful way to engage your colleagues in thinking about the things that really matter.

Outcasts Cover