Greetings.  I've been thinking about fiber a lot lately, and how it can help us to lead longer, healthier, and more productive lives.  Not that it is a silver bullet, or that it can single-handedly atone for a lifetime of less than healthy eating.  But it is certainly part of the equation–by slowing the rate that sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream, making our intestines and colons work better, and keeping us regular.  Pretty cool stuff, I guess, especially if you are a gastroenterologist.  And, I admit, it's a funny topic to bring up in a conversation or write about in a business blog.  Now if this were a blog about diet, nutrition, or healthful cooking it would be another story.  Yet I would be remiss if I didn't encourage each and every one of you to eat plenty of whole grain breads, high-fiber cereals, beans, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and even brown rice.  After all, I'd like my readers to be as healthy as possible.  And I'd be really happy if all of you were more regular (readers that is).

Fiber One Picture 

But why talk about fiber here?  Is it because we often succeed in business by keeping our customers "healthier" and by doing things that aren't very exciting to talk about or promote?  We write manuals that explain how our products really work and how to get the greatest value out of them.  We provide regular service "check-ups" that take time now in order to prevent greater down time or expense later.  We train their new employees so they can hit the ground running.  We answer questions and provide the latest updates.  We stock and ship replacement parts.  All in the name of keeping them and their "systems" running smoothly.  But what if we could do these things even more brilliantly and with greater value?  What if these "daily vitamin requirements" could be provided in a way that strengthened our bond with the customer and gave us a real competitive advantage?  And what if we could engage our employees in the relentless pursuit of being geniuses at the very fiber of our businesses?

We win in business by ensuring the health and viability of those we serve.  How will you make that happen in the months ahead when it seems everyone is catching a cold or the flu?  

Cheers and have a deliciously healthy and fiber-filled weekend!