Greetings.  Drives to Saturday morning soccer games are often a source of great inspiration.  Powered by a keen sense of wonder and possibilities, not to mention a chocolate-glazed donut overwhelmed by sprinkles, there is no limit to the insight that a nine-year-old can provide.  And so it was last weekend when, during a brief pause from inhaling his high carb breakfast, our son Noah said quite confidently: 

"You know Papa, nothing's perfect."
"Really?  You believe that?"  I replied.
"Not even your dog Ella?"  I asked.
"Or an amazing goal to win a soccer match!"  I continued.
"Definitely not!"
"Or a day without school?"
"Not even that."  
Though I can only assume that I was getting pretty darn close.
"Everything has something about it that's not perfect," he added.  "It's just not possible to be perfect.  Not even the sun or the moon or even a dog is perfect."
"Doesn't that make you sad?"  I wondered.
"Nope.  It's okay with me."

And then I started thinking about all the times as adults that we try to be "perfect." Unwilling to offer an idea or to sing a song in public unless we get it exactly right. Unwilling to take a risk or to offer a helping hand out of fear that we might mess up.  Unwilling to launch a new product, service or solution because its still a work in progress.  Unwilling to make needed changes in our company or organization because we haven't figured out the perfect way to do things.  


Maybe nothing is perfect.  And maybe that's the real magic of anything worth doing.  When we unlock ourselves from the burden of having to make things perfect, we rediscover our innate ability to ask important questions, try new things and imagine new possibilities.

Cheers and have an enjoyable and imperfect weekend!